Universal Robots


Universal Robots pioneered Collaborative Robots (“Cobots”) and has gone on to become the world leader in the field.

Encon Systems is the Authorized Distributor and Integrated Solution Provider for Universal Robots in the region. We work with industries from different sectors to provide solutions based on UR collaborative robots.

> Robots and Controllers
> Integrated Solutions with other hardware.
> Spares
> Programming
> Services & Training
> Robot training kits (special pricing for institutes)


No prior programming experience needed. Ultra-quick set up by anyone.





No Safety Guarding required (subject to a safety assessment of the application)




Cobots are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, bringing never-before advantages:

> Human-cobot collaboration in close proximity with no safety guarding (subject to an application risk assessment)
> Easy programming and fast set up in less than one hour
> Easy to move cobots around to production facility for deployment on multiple applications
> Min +/-360° (total 720°) rotation of all joints – allows usage even in confined spaces
> Infinite rotation of the UR3 tool for screwing and drilling applications

Mountable on floor, ceiling, wall, gantry, floor track
Their many advantages allow cobots to solve automation challenges previously not possible for conventional robots.


Available in three versatile payload and reach capacities.


Capable of working in tandem for complex applications

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