Information Solutions

Information plays a huge role in the modern production plant. Real time accurate data is needed by all stakeholders to make informed and on-time decisions – yet, information reporting remains prone to delays, manipulation and inaccuracy. We offer Information Solutions built on the Rockwell Automation/FactoryTalk suite of softwares as well as custom solutions where the need be.
> Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and other metrics calculation like MTBF, MTTR at machine, line and plant level.
> AndOn displays, production and live performance tracking scoreboards/dashboards.
> Historian and archiving solutions.
> Product Integrity solutions using Barcodes, RFID, Vision Systems, OCR/OCV, Colour Sensors and other instrumentation.
> Dyanamic tracing and tracking using Barcodes, RFIDs and OCR.
> Manufacturing Intellegence solutions based on FactoryTalk Metrics architecture
> Custom reporting solutions
> Asset Management solutions
> Plant floor to ERP system integration (SAP, Oracle Apps etc.)